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I actually AM the type of person who posts a lot on blogs and news sites so it was pretty natural for me to want to endorse these products that have done so much for me.

Here is how I would describe Pure Life Cleanse and Pure Cambogia Ultra: Awesome! Somehow I thought I could do it all myself and really I did by ordering this product.   Holy Mackerel I feel healthier these days.  Why should celebrities have all the fun?  These products are not tricks.  I would recommend others give them a chance.  I’ll definitely be following this blog to see what exciting products are coming next down the pipeline.  Thanks!

Celebrity Health Tricks Customer

How to order? Where to order? How to ship? I had a lot of questions when I first thought about ordering the product.  I shouldn’t have been worried. This company definitely wants to get you this product quickly and ensure you buy it again.

As for the results. Same as everyone else.  I noticed right away my portion sizes reduced themselves thanks to the HCA extract which really seemed to make me feel filled and balance my mood out.  I appreciate all your help Celebrity Health Tricks!


I think my metabolism really started to slow down in my late 30’s.  It eventually became a problem as I found it difficult to reduce my meal size further even though I continued to gain weight.  I didn’t get on looking for something right away and I think that was part of the problem.

After a little bit of googling I came across this website.  I found it interesting that a number of celebrities had used these products with success. I gave it a chance and haven’t looked back.  I incorporate these two products into my daily routine and it has worked out marvellously!


I have found a great product.  The Pure Life Cleanse is definitely helping my stomach digest better.  Now that I am 3 weeks in to the program I am not only feeling better but losing some pounds as well.

Really glad I jumped on this train. All aboard Celebrity Health Tricks!


Would you like to know a secret? I think you already know it. Some people may hate on it but this product works.  It’s not as pushy or as loud as some other formulations I can feel my body working better and letting go of unnecessary weight.   I’ve been sharing my results with my friends.

The last time we all went out for dinner it was definitely the hot topic. I even gave some pills to Sheryl who had them before her meal.  She couldn’t even finish her bowl of pasta and she said she felt full.  Congratulations are owed to this product and this website.  Thanks!


Greetings, I am glad to share the news of this product.  I think it’s just great. I lost 3 kilos in about 3 weeks. I’m sleeping very soundly and waking up easily. The best part is it happens without exercise.  I’m sure next week when I add a little light exercise my results will be even more dramatic.

Thanks Celebrity Health Tricks I have found a best friend while I get healthy!


I dropped 7 pounds in my first two weeks.  It was very dramatic.  The best consequence was hop I don’t crave sweet any more and I even cut out sugar in my morning coffee.  I dont’t even crave chocolate any more which is also very surprising.  My meal portions have also started to shrink.  I am on my second bottle and things have evened out after the dramatic first month but still moving ahead.

I’m surprised more people haven’t given this a try. I can’t wait to see what month 2 will bring!


I’ve already reordered after trying it for only a week. I can tell things are changing FAST.  I’ve always struggled with my weight ever since I was young.  I still have some confidence issues from my early weight problems.  As a high school student I saw my friends wearing tight lovely dresses and the boys paying attention.  It really made me feel like a loser.  Recently I’ve taken on a job as a receptionist at a gym which has helped a little bit being around people exercising and eating well.

One of the trainers suggested I give the product a chance.  I feel so excited to wear my spandex to work now.  I think it won’t be long until I look like the rest of the gym regulars!


DON’T OVERDO IT WITH THIS! I was so excited to start that I doubled down on the dose.  It upset my stomach and dramatically reduced my appetite.  This product will work well if you give it time.  At about the six week mark I feel like it’s time to buy some new jeans.  Even tightening my belt is not helping.

I’ve been in the best shape of my life and it’s all thanks to these products.  Thanks for helping me look my best!


Wouldn’t you like to be the next person to join our list of happy weight loss success stories? In the mean time please visit our main page again at and read more into what we offer here in terms of information and products. Thanks for shopping by and have a great day!




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  1. How can I buy it on cash in the Philippines? And how can I get a free bottle of the pure Cambodia ultra and pure cleanse slim

    1. Please take a look through the instructions under our main menu about how to have these delivered to your doorstep. Shipping times may vary depending on which country you are in,.

  2. Hi
    I have been struggling to order products online for the past 3 weeks. They system doesn’t allow me to order.

    Can someone advice. I’m currently in South Africa.

    1. Some techincal things have changed over, could be a glitch, we will check as soon as possible and get back to you.

  3. I am very interested with this product. May i ask the price of these 2 products? Since u don’t have any stores in the philippines to inquire to..

  4. Hi, I’m interested in purchasing your skinny slim pills. How much is it? And how long does it take for the delivery, if I’ll have it shipped in the Philippines?

    1. Price depends on where you are living and the currency you are using. Please refer to the main header menu to find the where to purchase page!

  5. I cannot click order now because the province portion seems to be not working…it does not give any list of provinces….can you help me?
    Also could it accept payment through banks like BDO?

    1. Hey, I am sorry if the correct province doesnt show up, shipping is provided by the supplier. They currently only accept any major credit card.

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