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Researchers were stunned by the end results which proved just how much the body actually fights against loosing weight and will even fight to gain it back.Dr. Hall who is an accomplished expert on the subject of metabolism at one of the National Institutes of Health; the National Institute of Diabetes as well as Digestive and Kidney Disorders stated: “It is both amazing yet frightening, I am completely blown away.”This is about resting metabolism which is what determines the amount of calories an individual burns when the body is at rest. At the onset of the show the participants although very overweight for their sizes their metabolisms were normal. This means that the amount of calories they were burning was normal for people of that weight category. When the show had finished their metabolisms had radically slowed down and they were no longer burning sufficient calories with which to maintain their now slimmer sizes.

Researchers are well aware that those who intentionally lose weight regardless of whether they begin at a normal weight or are even underweight will be faced with a slower metabolism at the end of the diet. It did not come as a surprise that at the end of “The Biggest Loser” that participants had slower metabolisms than when it had begun.What was most shocking to researchers was what followed: With the passing of time and the increase of the scale readings the participants did not recover their metabolism. It slowed down even more and they continued to gain weight. It was almost as if the participants bodies were putting in an even stronger effort to take them back to the weight they had started out with.The participant who had it the worst was Mr. Cahill. He gained back over one hundred pounds and his metabolism became so slow that in order to simply maintain his actual weight of two hundred and ninety five pounds he is forced to eat eight hundred calories daily, this is much less than the average man with his same size. Everything converts into even more fat. Here you can try changing your mind to change your weight.

The participants of “The Biggest Loser continue struggling with a slower metabolism. A study conducted of the participants of the above mentioned show sound that throughout and after the show their metabolisms slowed down causing it to be very difficult to maintain their new found weight loss.Thirteen out of the fourteen contestants who participated in the study were found to have actually regained the weight in the six years that followed their participation in the show. Four of the participants are actually heavier than they were prior to the show. Most of all the contestants are struggling with slower metabolisms at the moment, slower than they were six years ago and the amount of calories the burn when at rest is lower than expected.

Its Fundamentally All In Your Mind

The difficulties these participants have undergone clearly helps explain why it has been so difficult to make significant progress against the clear obesity problems faced by the nation as a whole, a problem which has affected over a third of all American adults. Regardless of the fact that there are billions of dollars spent on dieting programs and drugs that help lose weight the most dedicated individuals find that the difficult struggle is against their own biology.
Their personal struggle demonstrates the way that the body will fight back for years to gain back the weight that has been lost. Professor of medicine at the University of Washington and obesity and diabetes researcher Dr. Michael Schwartz stated: “This is not only new, it is also important.”Sr. Schwartz himself was not inv


olved in the study but did comment the following: “The main point here is that yes you can be on Television, and yes you can shed countless pounds and continue to do so for six years but in the end you cannot run from a fundamental biological reality. If you are under your initial weight your body will fight tooth and nail to gain it all back.”Dr. Robert Huizenga who was the doctor on the show explained that he had expected a drop in the participants metabolisms he had however hoped the drop would be smaller than it actually was. He did however question the accuracy of the measurements taken six years later. He also stated that it is difficult to maintain weight loss which is why he recommends to participants that not only should they monitor their diet very carefully but they should have at least nine hours of exercise a week if not more if they want to maintain the weight they worked so hard to lose.

He communicated via email that “The fact that many of the participants are not able to afford or even find ongoing support that is adequate is unfortunate. This would be with psychologists, trainers, exercise doctors and sleep specialists, this is something we all should strive to change.”The findings of this study are part of a scientific effort to answer some of the most basic questions surrounding the subject of obesity and will be published in the journal Obesity on Monday. Researchers are discovering the reason behind diabetes as well as other medical conditions developing due to being overweight.They are starting to figure out why dieting may often fail with significant weight loss whereas bariatric surgery is a success. They are also taking a new look at the medical care provided for those struggling with obesity being as there may be many  techniques and opinions which are causing more harm than good.



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