Best Exercises For Losing Weight

You really can’t escape the reality that if you want to lose weight permanently and safely, then you need to do plenty of exercise and eat healthy food.Exercising builds muscle and burns calories.  This is essential to increase your metabolism, which helps you burn more calories so that you can lose that extra weight.So get out your workout clothes and choose one of the following three best exercises for losing weight.  Get started on the right path today towards a healthier and slimmer you.


1. Walking is easy and gets you places!

walkingWalking is a great exercise for losing weight.  The only equipment you need are decent walking shoes.  You also don’t need to join a gym in order to do it.Walking is a low-impact exercise, so you won’t blow your knees out or incur other stress injuries that could sideline you for several weeks or months.For individuals with certain health problems, including heart disease and obesity, walking is a low-intensity, effective weight loss exercise that can result in better mental well being and overall health.Depending on what your current weight level is, you can burn from 5 to 8 calories per minute when walking at a four mile per hour pace.  On a 45-minute walk, you can burn from 225 to 360 calories.If you walk for 45 minutes per day at this pace, you can lose as much as a pound per week without making any other habit changes.So lace up those walking shoes of yours and turn on the iPod.  Head out for a brisk walk through your neighborhood.  You can make walking your main mode of transportation if you happen to live close to where you shop or work.  If you do this, you will start to see those extra pounds begin to melt off.  On bad weather days, hop on a treadmill or head for an indoor mall or local tack to get your walking in.

2. Kettlebell~ Not your average workout, Try using anything with weight in your home.

KettleballsThese are cast iron balls that come fitted with one handle.  A kettlebell’s weight, unlike handheld traditional weights, is not distributed evenly.  This means your body needs to work in order to counterbalance and stabilize the weight of the kettlebell’s. Kettlebells offer hard core workouts that burn as many as 400 calories in just 20 minutes.  They also stabilize your muscles, target all your major muscle groups, improve your balance and strengthen your core.Due to the fact that your whole body is involved with kettlebell exercises, kettlebell workouts speed your metabolism up, which helps your body to burn fat more quickly.  This also gets your heart pumping faster, which means that kettlebell workouts are also aerobic workouts.  In terms of the number of calories burned and cardiovascular benefits received, a 20 minute kettlebell workout is in fact quite similar to running for six miles.However, keep in mind that working out with kettlebells successfully does require you to use proper form at all times in order to avoid getting injured and to derive the most benefit from your workouts.  If you haven’t worked with kettlebells before, you may want to take a class first.  You can usually find them offered at a local gym.  A class will give you all the initial instruction that you need about the proper form you should use and safety guidelines that need to be followed when exercising with heavy weights such as kettlebells.

3. Swimming~ Find a nice lake, pool or even battle the ocean!

View-of-female-swimmer-divingWith vigorous swimming, you can burn from 400 up to 700 calories per hour.  All different kinds of swimming can be very effective in helping you to lose weight.  These include the dog paddle, breast stroke, front crawl and more.Swimming is a very effective form of exercise to tone your body and lose weight.  It is among the lowest impact exercises that is available.  Swimming conditions and tones your entire body.It is especially good for women who are in their final trimester of pregnancy as well as individuals battling with musculosketetal, obesity and arthritis conditions.It is also very good for individuals who suffer from exercise-induced asthma, since moist, warm air surrounding the water helps to keep one’s airways clear while swimming.Many athletes also use a pool for cross-training purposes in addition to staying fit while they are rehabilitating an injury they have sustained.  Whenever you are in the water neck-deep, your body only bears approximately ten percent of its total weight.  At the same time, the water offers 12 times resistance of air, so this makes it ideal for toning and strengthening your muscles.All of your major muscle groups are engaged when you are swimming, from your glutes, hips, legs, arms, back and abdominal muscles.  Swimming compliments other exercises that you may do very effectively, such as walking and running.  It can also be your only form of fitness and still be quite effective.What if you’ve never learned how to swim?  That isn’t a problem.  If you are able to propel your body through the water, going from one end of a pool over to the other side, then that is good enough for losing your desired amount of weight.

4. Cycling

Riding a bicycle is another low-impact and high-rewarding physical activity for weight loss.
By riding a bicycle you can burn around 372 to over 1,100 calories hourly, depending on the speed you are riding, your weight and the condition of the road you are cycling across.cycling
Different from running, cycling doesn’t cause much strain on your joints, and even the most unfit beginner generally can jump on a bicycle and ride several miles without feeling tired or distressed.
The best way to do it is outdoor cycling, as you ride on the varied landscape, you can get a well-rounded physical workout such as good cardiovascular workout and strengthening work in your lower body.
If you live within a cycling distance from your work place, riding a bicycle to work is a good way to stimulate endorphin release and give a boost for your metabolism; you also can save your money on gasoline. If outdoor cycling is dangerous or hard to do in your neighbourhood, there is an option of spinning.Most of the gyms offer spinning class, which is a group cycling activity.  Spinning is one of the lowest-impact physical exercise classes, still it is one of the most effective classes for fat and calorie burning and boosting your metabolism.Even well experienced runners or cyclists could find themselves challenged by the tough spinning instructor. An hour-long spinning class usually requires around 20 miles riding and provide challenges that participants to reach speeds that almost impossible when they actually riding a bike.

eliptical training5. Elliptical Trainer

Running on an elliptical trainer at home or at the gym provides you with a low-impact and whole body workout.
It is gentler on your joints than a tread mill running, and the elliptical trainer has movable handles, so you can get not only a good work out of your lower body, but also a great upper-body workout.
Elliptical trainers allow you to choose the intensity level, and you can raise or lower the ramp, and you can even go backwards. Therefore you can train targeting different muscle groups in the front and back of your legs.
Generally speaking, you can burn about 600 calories per hour in average by running on an elliptical trainer. The elliptical trainer can provide you with the benefit of running while mitigating the impact to knees and other joints and save them from wear. If you suffer from musculoskeletal conditions, arthritis and obesity, the elliptical trainer is a fantastic way to exercise without risking yourself for impact injuries.

When you are running on an elliptical trainer, rather than holding on the static handles try to hold on to the movable handles, as you can increase the amount of calories you burn by doing so and it also  helps to  tone your arms.
Don’t rely too much on the calorie counters equipped on elliptical trainer which is supposed to  gives you an accurate figure of calories you burned. Instead of that, you can maximize your workout by maintaining your heart rate at 85 % and increasing the resistance level when it feels it is too easy.

6. Running

If you are one of those people who love running, you are the lucky one.
You can burn around 600 calories per hour by running, and it promotes  building strong bones and connective tissues, and makes your heart pumping at a healthy rate, therefore  assist to  prevent stroke, heart disease and certain cancers.
It is easy as the only equipment you need for running is a good pair of shoes. Just make sure you choose a good quality shoes to protect your joints. You can use an iPod with your favorite music, if it encourages you to  keep the pace and maintain your motivation.Interval training can increase the calories you burn on your everyday running routine . Interval training is also called as peed work; it involves short spurts which generally last between 30 seconds and two minutes. During short spurts, you run as fast as you can. Interval training burns a huge amount of calories in a short period of time, and ignites your resting metabolism awake to help you burn more calories throughout the day.  Interval training also helps to increase your body muscle mass.run
Many experts nowadays do not recommend that you stretch before you go for running. Instead of that, they recommend warming up by marching in place, while lifting your knees up high, or just walking for five minutes prior to your run.Since running is a high-impact exercise, you have a risk of damaging your joints; therefore, it’s always best to obtain a pair of professionally fitted running shoes for your gait.


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