Seven Benefits of Exercising Regularly

“Exercising on a daily basis is important for many reasons, it can make you feel better physically and mentally, boost your self-esteem, avoid mood swings, improve your sex life, be more energetic and even increase your longevity. The best way to improve every aspect of your life is through daily exercise.”

It is hard to ignore the many benefits that daily exercise brings and no matter who you are or how old you are it is never too late to begin to exercise faithfully. Just in case you need any more convincing here are seven important ways in which daily exercise will help improve your life.

1.    Weight Loss and Control

Exercise is an excellent way to lose any excess weight, avoid weight gain as well as maintain your body. Physical activity causes your body to burn calories and the more intense this physical activity is the more calories you will burn. Losing weight through exercise does not require long exercise sessions it is more about consistency.
If for any reason you are not physically able to do an actual workout routine that is alright. You can find ways to be more physically active throughout the day, simple things you may not have noticed like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator,  walking to the corner store instead of driving, and doing your household chores in an upbeat manner.

2. Exercise combats health conditions and diseases

There are many conditions and diseases such as heart and high blood pressure that could easily be avoided and combated through exercise. Being active regardless of your current fitness level boosts your high-density lipoprotein (HDL) which could be referred to as your healthy cholesterol and decreases the amount of unhealthy triglycerides.
This process will help to keep your blood flowing smoothly and that in turn will decrease the risk of any sort of cardiovascular disease. As a matter of fact regular exercising prevents a slew of health problems and conditions like strokes, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, some forms of cancer, depression, arthritis etc. so if you want to be and stay healthy exercise regularly.

 3. Emotionally Beneficial

If you have experienced a stressful day, are feeling down and or emotional there is no better way to lighten your mood than through exercise. A quick routine at the gym, a short brisk walk, a bike ride or a dance routine any form of physical activity will help you out.

What physical activity does is stimulate various chemicals in your brain that in turn help you to feel calm, happy, relaxed and yet invigorated. Regular exercise also helps to build your self-esteem because when you exercise regularly you feel more confident about your physical appearance and that is a way to increase your self-esteem.

run 4. Increases Energy Levels

If you find that you are easily tired out by simple things such as grocery shopping and or household chores your energy levels are low. A great was to improve not only your muscle strength but also boost your endurance and energy levels is through exercise.

Exercise and physical activity helps carry oxygen and vital nutrients to your brain and tissue which helps your cardiovascular system work stronger and more efficiently. You will notice that when your heart and lungs are working at their optimal levels you will have more strength and energy to carry out all your daily responsibilities.

 5. Helps You Sleep Better

If you have a hard time falling to sleep and once asleep staying asleep exercise can help with that too. Regular exercise will not only help you fall asleep faster but make your sleeping time deeper which will enhance the amount of rest your body receives while you sleep. Just be careful to not work out to close to your bed time being as exercise will increase your energy levels and may make it hard to fall asleep.

     6. Improve Your Sex Life

Being tired or maybe feeling out of shape can factor in to not having a fulfilling sex life. Once again regular exercise will help you not only look better which will have a positive impact on your sex life but it will also increase your energy levels. On top of that regular exercise will increase your sexual arousal and decrease your chances of erectile dysfunction.

 7. Exercising is Fun

On top of all the before mentioned reasons to exercise regularly the last but equally important reason is for fun. Exercising and physical activity are a great way to unwind, enjoy the great outdoors, spend time with your family and loved ones or simply just do what you love and enjoy it.

It can be a fun family and social activity so try taking a dance class, go for a hike, and play a game of soccer, basketball, or football. Whatever you do make sure it is something you love and enjoy doing, if you ever get bored never be afraid to switch things up with something new.

So all in all regular exercise and physical activity is a great way to reap healthy benefits, have fun and feel great. Try to fit in at least thirty minutes of daily exercise or physical activity on a daily basis in order to improve your health and increase your fitness. If you are trying to lose weight or reach a higher level of fitness it will take more than thirty minutes a day but it will definitely be worth it.
Just remember that before you take on a new exercise or fitness routine it is important to check in with your doctor especially if exercise has not been a consistent part of your life or if you have dealt with certain chronic health problems such as such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes etc. But once you have been cleared by your doctor take the time each day to exercise and keep your mind and body happy and healthy.


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