Three Effective Ways TO Lose Weight That Doesnt Involve Food Or Exercise!

   3 Weight Loss Tips That Are Not Related To Food

Tip No. 1: Stop Attempting To Lose Weight

Has the thought ever occurred to you that your actual goal could be the one thing holding you back from being successful?  This tip is all about developing the proper mindset.  I see this so often – people focusing exclusively on how many pounds they would like to lose and having all of their success based on whether or not the scale shows any progress.  I have had clients who told me that before they started seeing me, that they had been attempting to lose weight for many years – sometimes even decades – without ever reaching any of their goals.

The problem with focusing just on weight loss alone is that you miss out on the big picture in terms of understanding what the true underlying problem(s) are.  Your goal can also end up suffocating you when all you think about is how much you need and want to lose weight.  It is literally all many of my clients ever thought about for many years.  They had become a slave to their scale. Diet without dieting!

If you have read my blog on a regular basis, then you understand what my philosophy is when it comes to losing weight.  It is all about sending the right signals to your body through behaviors that can can positively impact your health and hormones.  It doesn’t have anything to do with achieving a spot on energy balance equation which

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will result in losing a certain number of pounds every week.  For a majority of us, weight loss is complex.  Each of us has our own unique set of hormones that need to be in balance so that our body will perform how we want it to.  It this situation it means to break down and release body fat.

If losing weight is your goal, get the proper mindset from the very start by focusing your efforts on your inside getting healthy first.  Whenever I have been able to get my clients to start to consider and choose behavior that will make them healthier (such as drinking water more than other beverages,  getting to bed at the same time and on time every night, etc), it in turn helps them create a foundation of healthy habits that can have a longer and larger impact on their metabolism and bodies.  By default, their weight will start to come off due to them becoming healthier individuals.  Whenever their family and friends ask them what they are doing differently, they can respond in a positive manner that they are not trying to lose weight any longer.  Start to change your mindset today and think about having an assessment or lab test done in order to establish a baseline of where your metabolism and health are currently.  Our tests each come with a review.  This allows you to not only see where your health and metabolism are at currently, but what are the best recommendations and efforts for you in order to improve things.

Tip No. 2: Work On Improving Your Sleep


Working on establishing a healthy sleep regimen is definitely one of major focus points of a majority of my client’s program.  Without a doubt (apart from having a poor diet), it’s the number one t

hing getting in the way of achieving their desired results.

It is frequently recommended to get seven or eight hours of sleep since it is essential to our health, and also the amount of sleep that a majority of people say the need so that they wake up feeling good the following morning.  However, more than 70% of Americ

ans fail to get that amount of sleep.  Not only do we not get a sufficient amount of sleep, but the sleep we do get is of poorer quality (not going into deep, REM sleep or it being frequently interrupted), which combined contributes to our waistlines continuing to expand.

Whenever I talk to my clients about how losing sleep can cause all kinds of problems with their hormones, which includes increasing their stress hormones (cortisol) and hunger hormone (ghrelin), while at the same time reducing insulin sensitivity.  Therefore, it isn’t any wonder that cravings, out-of-control hunger or feeling “wired and tired” subside completely when they start to get enough sleep.  It is as if their nutrition problems or issues go away completely without them even needing to work on their nutrition specifically.

For some people, learning what impact losing sleep has on their weight and metabolism may be enough for them to start getting to bed on time.  However, others may need to work a bit harder on this depending on the amount of time they have been sleep deprived.  Some of my best go-to tricks include avoiding all television and electronics a couple of hours before going to bed and getting ready to go to bed one hour before bedtime (cooling and darkening the bedroom, brushing teeth, putting on pajamas).  If I have had a hectic day at work and sense my mind racing and thinking too much – I will attempt to write down in my journal as many ideas or thoughts as possible before I go to bed so I can have a clearer mind when going to sleep.  Nourishing supplements – which can include 5 HTP, GABA, theanine, melatonin or magnesium – can be used as well as shorter term solutions to assist you with getting some rest.



Tip No. 3: Walk Or Stand More Than You Sit

This one is just helpful, don’t think about making a change in your life, just get out there and do it.

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