Weekly Observations and Changes

We Took The Combo Detox Diet Cleanse For A Test Drive

Our Four Week Diet Test

Recently a famous health writer took this natural weight loss solution and detox diet for a test drive to find out how it works. Her results were very surprising. In this one month period she lost a total of 13 kilograms of weight with having to exercise vigorously or go on a special detox. How did she do this, let’s find out.

Our initial skepticism about the how of this natural weight supplement was completely defeated by all of the amazing benefits that this solution provides. The detox program diet not only helps with losing weight and belly fat, it also provides a boost in energy and enables you to get better sleep at night and wake up feeling refreshed.

After I placed my online, the Celebrity Combo detox was delivered to my house within 4 days.

The bottles that were sent to me contained a month’s supply of pills. This was ideal, since I was about to follow a one month routine using the supplement and document how my loss progressed the entire time.

The 4 Week Test:

  • 2 Pure Cambogia Ultra pills were taken in the morning each day
  • 2 Purelife Cleanse pills were taken in the evening each day.

The Results: Week 1

After being on the detox diet for just one week, I was very surprised at just how dramatic my loss results were. My energy levels had increased, and I didn’t feel hungry. One apparent side effect that this supplement provides is curbing your appetite.

Honestly, I was surprised at how terrific I felt.

The best thing about it was I didn’t even change anything when it came to my daily routine at all. I got onto the scale on day 7. I really couldn’t believe what I saw. I was 6.5 kilograms lighter. However, I still wasn’t totally convinced at my loss. Supposedly, when you start any diet, you lose lots of water at first. I decided I would wait and see what my results were like in the weeks ahead. However, things were definitely looking good. For the very first time in many years I weighed less than 55 Kilograms.


After the second stage of loss, I started off having even more energy. Also, I was sleeping better than ever before. No longer was I waking up at night and then toss and turning. My body actually was able to relax now. (I believe this was due to getting rid of all the toxins in my body). I also managed to lose an addition 6 Kilograms. So in only 2 weeks, I had lost an incredible 14 Kilograms.

At this point I had to admit I was starting to think that the detox diet wasn’t just a gimmick after all. I began to look ahead and anticipate what I would see down the road.

Week 3

All of my skepticism and doubts had vanished completely after 3 weeks. I started to see how it was possible to lose weight in a week. I had lost another 5 Kilograms and was down more than two dress sizes. I still had lots of energy. On many other programs, it is often at about the 21 day mark that you start running out of steam. However, with this nutritional program, I didn’t experience a dip in energy levels. It fact, it remains steady all day long. I don’t need to take nap at about 3 pm any more. At this point I also started to notice that my stomach was digesting the food I ate much more better. After I ate I wasn’t experiencing any gas or bloating any longer.

Week 4

My final results at the end of this brief journey were shocking. I had lost 13 Kilograms since I had started on this supplement diet. It was unbelievable. Everyone here on the staff is kicking themselves for failing to volunteer as a guinea pig for this program. During the final phase of using the weight loss plant extract I lost an additional 2 Kilograms. Honestly, at that point I didn’t have a whole more to lose. I definitely will keep taking these since all of the vitamins and antioxidants make my skin look incredible.

I am completely thrilled with my results.

In one month I lost a total of 13 Kilograms without doing any intense exercising or going on a special detox diet.


Like all of us here, you may have a few doubts about what the effects will be. However, you just need to try this for yourself. These are real results. After conducting my very own personal study, I very pleased to see so many people being successful with this program (including me). There is nothing for you to lose(Other than the additional weight). To order your bottles, just follow the links and it will be shipped to you right away.

I am providing you with the link. You can be confident you are receiving a quality product that does actually work. And there are absolutely no strings attached.  If you are not yet satisfied please feel free to browse around our Blog for more information  and view our other articles and pages.

Best wishes on your weight loss journey.

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