News Just In: Weight Lost By Both Chumlee And Corey Harrison

Despite being constantly killed off in his online roles, internet star Austin ‘Chumlee’ Russell of Pawn Star is looking fantastic!The most recent hoax of this star’s death was released on Wednesday when an attention-grabbing website posted a rumor stating that Chumlee had died due to rapid weight loss of approximately 100 pounds (all based on a supposedly exclusive medical professional’s declaration). While this was all a complete fabrication, the website had something right – in the last week, he has lost 100 pounds and has 50 more pounds to lose.

chumlee wearing baseball hat

Russell received his nickname from the overweight walrus ‘Chumley’ on the animated television show Tennessee Tuxedo and his Tales; however, he is now in the best physical state of his life and, in his words, is very proud of himself after taking this long road.This is the second time he has faced a death rumor by a tabloid website and he wasn’t surprised when the hoax came about. He said it was clear to him that something was happening when he woke up to 15 missed text messages. After seeing that he sent text messages to his family to ensure them that he was alive and not the victim of some terrible weight loss tragedy.Of course, he had to calm the nerves of his fans and not long after the story was released by this website (that is also known for reporting hoax deaths of Justin Bieber and Betty White), he tweeted that he was alive and well. His Pawn Star employer, Rick Harrison, also ensured fans that Russell was alive and kicking with a tweet stating: “CHUMLEE IS ALIVE & WELL! He is actually filming today but we all really appreciate everyone’s concern.”Last year September, Russell felt it important to explain why he was determined to continue losing weight after already losing 70 pounds. He informed the public that his father had died from pancreatic cancer at age 54, 2 weeks before his show had aired. To ensure he did not face the same fate he is now eating vegetables and staying away from all red meat. When asked in the interview about how he had celebrated his 100 pound loss milestone, Russell stated that he celebrated weekly with a cheat meal when he is allowed to eat whatever he desires.

So, what is his favorite cheat meal? Why pizza of course! Everyone loves a good pizza. What about exercise? You need exercise to keep pounds off, don’t you? Well, golf has become a great passion for him. In fact, he has ever received some tuition from the legendary golf teacher Butch Harmon. Harmon has told Russell that he may win in a game against Charles Barkley. It seems at 211 pounds, Austin ‘Chumlee’ Russell is looking and feeling better than ever before.It seems his nickname ‘Big Hoss’ is no longer relevant after losing approximately 190 pounds after learning of his diabetes three years ago. This Pawn Stars star noted that the shock after leaving his doctor’s office freaked him out. He even stated that after hearing about his pre-diabetes diagnosis he drove to the clinic where they inserted lap bands and inquired about surgery. He didn’t have much money but was willing to put the surgery on four different credit cards – that was the level of desperation.

At that time the History Channel star was weighing in at approximately 410 pounds, but after his surgery he knew the need to change his lifestyle was necessary. Now 31, Chumlee has shed 78 pounds being able to fill up only four to five ounces in his stomach. He notes that when you only have that small amount of space in your abdomen you don’t want to fill it with bad food.  Please stay tuned to Celebrity Health Tricks to keep up with the exploits of the stars as they try and lose weight!

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