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Letting Yoga Work For You~

yoga_three_panelWhen many people hear the word Yoga, they think of exercise. Of course, many celebrities use yoga including Halle Berry, Liv Tyler and Jennifer Aniston. Yet, it’s not just women who are using yoga, men use it too. Professional athletes have long recognized the benefits of yoga especially when it comes to enhancing their performance. Yoga has long been a form of working out. Both your mind and body can befit from yoga. In fact, anyone can benefit from yoga. Likely you know of friends or family members that have a yoga routine. Yet the question remains, does it help you to lose weight and slim down? Let’s take a look at the many benefits of yoga and how it can help you in weight loss and a whole lot more.

When it comes to weight loss, aerobic exercise has long been touted as the best and most efficient method to lose weight and burn calories. Yet, yoga doesn’t even begin to compare. When compared to spending half an hour walking and a half hour yoga class, the walkers are going to lose more calories. Yet, yoga will help to sculpt and design the body. Losing weight isn’t entirely out of question when incorporating yoga into the workout routine. By sculpting and designing the body one is also working on weight loss in a natural way.

According to Dana Edison, who is the director of Radius Yoga at North Redding, yoga helps many people to lose weight. It also encourages people to understand their bodies better. Edison works with the American College of Sports medicine as well in the capacity of personal trainer.

She’s not the only one with the opinion that yoga can help people to lose weight. Yoga trainers Ravi Singh and Ana Brett who in the past have worked with such celebrities as Gwyneth Paltrow and even Madonna, also believe that yoga can help a person to lose weight. They in fact came up with a Fat Free Yoga. This DVD program has been very successful. Brett said that she has seen many clients lose weight on this yoga program even if they have just begun their weight loss journey.

Weight Loss and Yoga

Approximately 10 years ago, Alan Kristal, a medical researcher, did a study on whether or not yoga could help participants in weight loss. Of the 15000 plus people who participated the study included men and women. The researchers then took this data and investigated to see if there was anything else that the participants may have done to lose weight. This included diet and other such measures. Their conclusion was that the yoga was as effective in helping people to lose weight. However, in a few cases the yoga simply helped to keep those participants from gaining any more weight.

According to Kristal, those who were already overweight before they began, lost about five pounds. They attended a yoga class for one half hour per week for at least four years. Those who didn’t involve themselves in yoga put on about three times the weight as their counterparts. There is still no evidence as to how the yoga worked to help them lose weight.

Edison has a theory about yoga. Edison believes that those who are participating in yoga are more willing to make the required lifestyle changes and may change their diets accordingly. They begin to eat a healthier diet, they live healthier and make the required sacrifices to do so. Yoga helps to connect the body and the mind both physically and spiritually. As participants are more in tune with themselves, they are then motivated to make the necessary changes in their lives.

It may also be a possibility that yoga helps people to lose excess weight as they begin to pay attention to their diet and how they are feeling. In turn, they may begin to realize they are full and thereby eat less. By learning to be respectful of their own body, they are paying attention to what they eat and when they eat. Thus, yoga may help to curb the appetite and stop overeating.

Benefits Of Power Yoga

A common complaint of yoga is that the program isn’t intense enough to keep weight off. However, power yoga could be an entirely different avenue. Power yoga is very popular in the U.S. it is based on Kundalini. It is believed that poweyoga-treer yoga is just as effective at fat burning. power yoga focuses on active movements and meditative breathing in lieu of the static poses. Apparently, it’s just as effective as aerobics.

It could be that yoga may be just as effective a slimming down when it’s combined with power yoga. Likely, it won’t work for just anyone. Those just beginning or who are slightly overweight may not have as much success as others. Edicons believes that it can help to build up muscle and may also be considered a form of aerobics. While it’s not the answer for every overweight individual’s issue, it may help and be safe for anyone who is using traditional yoga to help lose weight.

According to Kristal, cardio workouts are better at weight loss. They can help to burn calories as well but there are other benefits that yoga cannot compare to. Singh along with Brett disagree.

They believe that yoga can help people to lose weight and keep it off. They believe that active yoga can be very beneficial for beginners and anyone who has previously taken a yoga class.

Either way, yoga is a great bonus to weight loss. It’s a great way to begin each day. If you are one of the many who are interested in yoga, these tips will help you.

Stop when you’re tired. Learn to relax and pick up after a break. Don’t use mirrors, focus on how you feel and what your thoughts are. No need to worry about perfection when you begin. Ensure that you’re attending your classes on a regular basis. If you’re doing yoga from home, set up your own schedule and keep it.

Learn to reaffirm yourself as you do yoga. Remind yourself of why and how it is going to help you. Yoga isn’t just about your physical shape, it’s also helping you to be a better person and healthier. It teaches patience, kindness and wisdom. This self talk will help you to get more form your yoga workout.

Seek out a teacher that you’re comfortable working with. Yoga should inspire you to work hard but it should never intimidate you or make you afraid to try something new. Create your own DVD or go to class, either way, keep it going and build on it. Your life can be just what you make of it so go out and do something today that makes you feel good about yourself and good about the world that you live in. It might not always be easy, but the more you try, the easier it will be. Commit yourself to yoga one day at a time until it becomes such a routine that you simply do it without thinking.


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